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Hi world! let's talk Empty Plates Bangkok!

This is John, I am the chef, creator and owner of Empty Plates Bangkok and this is my blog about everything that is happening in our culinary industry and beyond.

Since everyone is so opinionated these days, I am following the trend and giving my two cents to topics that are on my mind! Most certainly, you are a social media abuser, like so many of us - spending hours of your day on the platform, scrolling down, swiping left or right and soaking up all the content that is coming your way. I am also guilty of this but I'm at the point where I can't stand it any second longer and retrain myself to get back to the real world on a 24/7 basis. I just simply have no desire to watch another video/reels of your home-cooking with canned food and frozen tomatoes, another carbonara recipe or what you eat for breakfast everyday and those are just the harmless examples. People nowadays like to share everything on their internet platforms, maybe because they've lost touch to reality and lack real friends, people you interact with on a personal level. I think it's alarming and dangerous path we are on with living in this digital world where we always need to seek for attention. What once was the bible is now the internet, a source of information with no fact checking or interference and push back if things aren't truthfully portrayed but people eat it up and run with it. How people can still believe in a book that was written 3'400 years ago - is beyond me but that's a topic for another rainy night.

Restaurants and culinary services like myself are affected by this too. Basically, you need to be present on these platforms for customers to reach you easier - share content, grow followership and be active everyday, otherwise you'll be dropped from the algorithms and even with thousands of followers, you won't reach your audience yet any beyond. You get flagged or your account gets hacked and you lose it all.

Social media and people's perception of it makes you believe, you should run advertisement on their platforms to generate more business. It may work for a small fraction of users but it doesn't for most. Social Media companies are the Visa-Coca Cola-Heineken-Mastercard's of its day when looking at their presence in advertising mega events or on television. How can they afford these kind of marketing campaigns? Because they are filthy fucking rich from creating a monster. Cashing in on insecure Jennifer and attention-driven Simon who need to boost their latest social media post of using a new lipstick or sharing their recent gym work out respectively, to boost their ego for a little bit of spending.

Businesses have the hope of generating more customers or to go viral, seeking the quick success. I really hate it, I think it's dumb and a waste of time and energy that could be better spent elsewhere. It's this social-pressure many people fall victim to. At the end I see I just see a lot of mediocre stuff that gets amped and hyped up to being great. This delusional, digital world, it's a trap. I'm out. Peas

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