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My six go to spots to eat in Bangkok! (part 1 of 6)

It's no secret that Bangkok has some of the best food a mega-city can offer. From 24hr street-food, food-markets to casual eateries or fine dining, there is something suitable for every occasion or budget. From 30 THB per dish to a tasting menu priced at 10'000 THB - the Bangkok Food Scene is driving on diversity and fierce competition, where the consumer has the dreadful task everyday to make their eating choices based on their finances and cravings.


As a member of the culinary industry in Thailand, I am very difficult to be impressed, therefore my judging-standards are quite high. I always try to consider circumstances - is it a low-price establishment or a street-food vendor for example, the criteria and expectations are different. If a restaurant is specialized in a beef-bone-broth-noodle-soup, I'm not going to judge them by the minimal set up or the lack of ambiance, while sitting on a plastic stool.


Over the past 15 years I've had the pleasure to eat my way around this vibrant city. Not going to lie, there were also a few food-poisoning instances in all those years - so I had my fair share of countless hits and a few flops.


Once you've become well-seasoned and adjusted to the spices in Thailand, you know which warning-signs to look for and which chances better not to take. At the beginning you just don't know any better and you'll get way to excited about all these delicious things you can discover in South-East- Asia.


Here are six of my favorite, casual - dining spots in Bangkok that I visit quite frequently and that have proven to me over the years the maintenance of food-quality and consistency every time you visit.

1) Somyoth (Chock Chai)

Let's start with the best local Thai cuisine according to my taste-buds. 'Somyoth' is specialized in local seafood and North-Eastern-Thai cuisine but also featuring dishes from other regions. Located in the Chok Chai 4 area, this is the typical side-road, local Thai restaurant that isn't on your radar. Immensely popular by locals and always crowded, this restaurant doesn't accept any reservations, so first comes - first served basis. 'Somyoth' has made it to the prestigious Michelin Guide Thailand for many years in a row.


why I go there: Soft-Shell-Crab-Curry is one of my all-time favorite dishes and this place does it best in all of Thailand! Ordered every single time when there and it always reminds me why it's the cream of the crop. Another must try are the Tamarind-Tiger-Prawns, the crispy Catfish with Mango slaw, the Garlic-Squid and their stir fried glass-noodles are nothing to sneeze at either.


Price point: 300-500 THB per person

My Tip: Go on a Sunday to avoid the heavy weekday traffic in this area and bring some hungry friends.


google maps link 'Somyoth':

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