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a culinary dining concept by Empty Plates Bangkok!

Cannabis Fine Dining in Bangkok!

Our new dining concept 'Ganjalicious' invites cannabis enthusiasts and curious food lovers to experience the magical green plant in a fine dining tasting menu at our private table in Bangkok. 












With over 5 years of experience, We are utilizing hemp and cannabis in various ways in our cooking and presentation to give our guests an experience you can't find anywhere else in Bangkok or in Thailand.

Our pantry is stocked up with the finest extractions, oils, butters, honeys, seasonings, tinqtures, sugars and more to enhance and balance the flavors of our dishes with a magical green touch.

Now you don't have to wait for our next public event anymore to book a seat, you can just visit our private table for a luxurious 'Ganjalicious' menu overviewing the mighty Chaopaya River, sip on one of our exquisite tasting infused mocktails and get to smoke the strains we're actually using in our cooking, if you enjoy doing such things. 

We are opening our table for 12-15 nights per month, the available dates will be shared on our social media channels monthly. Guests can also request their own dates, if they don't align with the ones we publish and put online.  

This private table has to be booked by minimum 4 people or maximum 6 and advanced bookings are a must.  The table has to be booked by one party, we won't be able to accept single bookings. 

contact us directly and email us to:

Here is our service brochure for our table, minimum 4 max 6!

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